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Unwired at Woodstock

CK+YT @Woodstock

Being wired. Getting wired. The fight or flight response is wired into our basic survival instincts when threatened. Yuri survived a life or death scenario which we still find hard to believe at times. It seems so long ago yet the repercussions of the different levels of coming back are both relating as well as frustrating that it’s not happening fast enough, i.e. safely getting off a medication that is associated with excessive bleeding.

Instead, we are trying different methods to get Yuri off the medications that have been prescribed because of a risk for a blood clot despite the fact there were no blood clots ever found. He puts on a PEMF, a therapy system that optimizes cell function with low-frequency pulses for headaches, CBD for nausea.
Then we get this box in the mail for an MCOT, (Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry), a week ago. It sat on our table for a couple of days. The two of us sat staring at the nesting boxes like a couple of Ospreys assessing a webcam placed in their nest. We are tech-savvy in many ways, but this looked like it needed to be set up properly with its instructions and a Galaxy phone monitor, or who knows what will be the next diagnosis.

In any case, I’m a forever film festival lover, and the fall season has some of my favorite film festivals around. Yuri and I have become film festival aficionados – me, going after the visuals, the story, the writing, technical aspects, and potential podcast conversations while Yuri goes for the music and sound that makes the story and film a richer value for our viewing. Since he came along for the ride when we first got together, he follows my lead the way I follow his during his music gigs and live performances.

It’s fifteen years since I started podcasting and now, after the craziness of the past six months, find a bit of excitement planning our going onto a small-scale film festival circuit schedule. We’ve been to Woodstock many times for the high level in the art of storytelling, topics that sometimes jolt us, the art of filmmaking, and the music in film artistically as well as technically. We are not disappointed.


Ensconced in a destination town of side streets filled with places to explore, outdoor eateries, shops, and galleries intertwined with signs and banners celebrating a weekend+days = good viewing for first-time visitors to seasoned audiences. A packed schedule of events that are intellectually stimulating and inclusive instead of the shallow and exclusive associated with many vanity-type film festivals. This one is as authentic as it comes. I’ll write more about it soon on Film Festival reViews.


Normally, Yuri follows my lead when it comes to the logistics and film choices using the production and time management skills learned from working in the industry for the past fifteen years. This time it’s completely different as I am very conscious of Yuri’s physical ability and stamina when it comes to the different indoor and outdoor terrains, venue seating and locations between screenings, the audio quality in the various venues, entrance and exiting as well as driving around instead of my usual park in one spot for the day and walk the rest of the way. It worked out as I follow his lead intuitively knowing when it’s enough for the day.

On the way back we stopped in Goshen, NY for a quick photo outside of Kosmic Korner, the oldest hippie store in Goshen and very much a CBD place that would fit right in at Woodstock. We’re finding the tincture and organic hemp flower a very positive approach and its health benefits. I also don’t feel as wired as I have been overly concerned, and at times, hypersensitive.

According to some scientific studies, CBD products may work best when they’re used together often referred to as the “Entourage Effect.” A marketing phrase no doubt, but a nice way to mesh with the entourage of supporters for filmmakers and their films at the Woodstock Film Festival.

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