The Unexpected Present

Standing on the Edge, Living in the Moment

full moon

Spring is in the air—rebirth, renewal, and a return to the garden. Having a birthday in Spring always gave me a breath of fresh air. A March wind cleansing, although at times the winds can be fierce, wreaking havoc traveling across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (two hours back up on all roads leading to the bridge) after a visit with Yuri.

There was always a unique way he would choose a birthday celebration for me. During our first year together, I was obsessed with locating the grave marker for the first woman filmmaker, Alice Guy Blache, who was laid to rest on March 26 in a Mahwah, New Jersey cemetery. Row upon row of flat markers as far as we could see. Humoring me, Yuri went along for the ride, finding interest in the names on the grave markers. Seemingly impossible, it was his keen eye that spotted her name. Since then, we have celebrated her work by honoring Women in (Film) History in March all month.

On other birthdays, we toasted with glasses of champagne after the opera, a jazz concert at the Morristown Museum, exploring Chinatown for the perfect Dim Sum, and one year, a visit to the Ground Zero 9/11 Memorial. His choices were surprising and perfectly suitable for the moment. Last Wednesday, Yuri galvanized every ounce of strength to go out to lunch for my birthday. In a torrential downpour, we road-tripped to DC and a lovely little Italian cafe, Torino’s. The waitstaff went out of their way to assist with Yuri’s transport; they suggested Italian fare, Prosecco glasses, and an artisan-designed dessert to make it a stellar celebration. A simple moment becomes a forever memory.

My birthday usually falls around the Easter holiday. Keeping with tradition, I signed Yuri out for another excursion, fighting the Beltway outer loop traffic in search of the Kielbasa Factory in Rockville. What a treat! It brought back memories of North Jersey Polish delis, where lines formed going out the door. Three years ago, it was no different. I planned the Easter breakfast to the last detail, using my mother’s crystal and dressing the table with heirloom embroideries, spring flowers, red wine, and a decanter of cognac. But it was different because March 29 was the date of the second shot.

It was the second shot that started this whole thing. Despite my offerings, Yuri could not eat. His breathing was rapid and shallow, and his legs felt as if they were encased in cement. I never imagined what we were about to face– severe adverse effects from the COVID-19 vaccine. It was deemed necessary. Yuri’s safety was my central focus since he would perform at the upcoming BobFest, Dylan’s birthday celebration. However, it wasn’t as safe and effective for everyone as initially touted. The rest is history documented in my files, journals, and this blog.

I wish I had seen the Public Health Ontario Techincal Brief before we received the vaccine. In its update from December 2020 to July 2021, vaccine-associated enhanced disease (VAED) may present as severe disease or modified/unusual clinical manifestation(s) of disease in an individual exposed to a wild-type pathogen after receiving a vaccination for the same pathogen.

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome is a rare complication of SARS-CoV-2 infection. It is characterized by a persistent fever and a “constellation of symptoms,” including multi-organ (e.g., cardiac, gastrointestinal, renal, hematologic, dermatologic, neurologic, hepatic) involvement and elevated inflammatory markers. Yuri had five out of the ten severe adverse effects. Instead of “Long Covid,” we hear about “Long Vax,” characterized by brain fog, neuropathy, numbness, and excessive fatigue, an epidemic in its own right with mounting evidence suggesting a link between COVID vaccinations and autoimmune diseases.

Mainstream media continues to disregard the possible and potentially devastating downsides of COVID vaccinations. They repeat Big Pharma’s mantra, “The benefits outweigh the risks,” but they don’t let anyone know what the severe adverse risks could be. There was no warning, no options. However, there are cracks in the dyke when it comes to vaccine injuries. More cardio cases, Afibs, and autoimmune conditions are increasing, and doctors and TV ads are pushing more potent drugs to suppress immune systems.

We survived the varied doctor’s opinions and the nurse practitioner who told us to accept the “new normal.” She dropped us from the practice when I rejected the notion that this was normal. What is normal is the seasonal cycle of doing things that keep us in the loop of keeping our sanity by appreciating relationships with family and friends and continued efforts to make the world a better place to live and love.

On that note, we move forward with Yuri’s recovery. He told me it’s the first time in a long time that he feels he can get out of this mess. I second that emotion. While we are standing on the edge, we are living in the moment. We wish for World Peace, rebirth, renewal, and a return to the garden. Say a prayer, stay the course, keep the faith. Amen.

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