The Unexpected Present

Dream Big With a Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea

Physical pain is very real; physical challenges can seem insurmountable, but I don’t need to add to it with thoughts like “I wish this weren’t happening” or “Why is this happening to us?” The past two weeks were a difficult time; I felt post-traumatic symptoms, Yuri still recuperating from recent events, topping it off with harsh wintry conditions and the deep, silent darkness before dawn.

I gathered greatly needed positivity out of live conversations from close personal relationships as well as serendipitous acquaintances – a recipe for comfort food, a time to take a step back, sorting out peaceful reconciliations, a barkeep’s listening ear, and a First Online With Fran podcast about audience participation exercising their emotional release from watching performances just as the Greeks have done. Aristotle called it catharsis.

In Dr. Martin Luther King’s final speech the night before he died, he said: “Only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.” It reminds me that even though our situation may be difficult, the real pain is in my head. No matter what is going on, my thoughts about the situation can make it more painful than the experience itself. It’s time to bring my attention to the present moment.

On the other hand, I am awakening from a horrible dream, allowing me to view things more clearly. It might even reveal that things aren’t as awful or uncontrollable as I imagined. Despair and dread must be conquered to stop obsessing over my concerns and take action. I know there is hope out there for us. It’s time to seek hope to pursue, no matter what happens each night and each morning, for a better life, not just a better day.

The Full Moon in Leo on January 25 is set to illuminate my path (no more moving heavy furniture) and encourage me to “dream big and take tangible steps toward actualizing my dreams with a strong desire for self-expression and authenticity.” It’s time to get back to my artistic process, find my place in nature’s environment, and keep Yuri’s music flame alive as his life’s purpose.

A recent thought-provoking sermon came from the Very Rev. Dr. Ivan Kaszczak, Pastor at Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church in Kerhonkson, NY. He starts with a joke and then connects the dots, speaking of physical challenges, caring for what happens, making plans for the future, and doing great things. “There’s always hope as long as we breathe.” Amen.

Thus, we are working on our game plan. It’s a strategy– going to be worked out in advance, a plan for achieving success. Tactical plan– I have to find a way to detach my mental reactions from our physical circumstances. Like the quarterbacks vying for a spot in the playoffs, shrugging off the bad weather or bad plays is a superpower and the mark of championship performance. All humans can develop this approach. And it’s time.

I’m here for Yuri as an optimistic, ambitious, and hopeful spirit of the Lion, “drawing his inner light to shine for the world to see.” For all of the challenges we have gone through, I see Yuri getting past this and doing great things. It will be a moment for him to “shine confidently and step into the life we’ve always envisioned.” And it all starts with a lovely cup of tea and a window to the future.

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