The Unexpected Present

Aftermath of An Ironic Health Scare

yuri's birthday party 2022

This could be a thriller fiction based on a life or death situation with U.S. Government participation. It may turn out to be a prescriptive nonfiction account with directions on how to advocate or make sure you have an advocate for a serious medical institution stay. Altogether, this blog starts out as a memoir based on a true story of an ironic health scare with Yuri getting himself out of the medical system in time for his birthday.

I promised I would get him home for his birthday and we made it happen.

Last year, the medical situation put Yuri in dire straits and it took a while to associate the timeline of getting the Pfizer vaccine shots #1 and three weeks later #2 with an assortment of vital organ injuries, pneumonia, A-fibs, infections, and rare autoimmune disease. It took longer to get him home and healing at the time and we told every doctor and specialist that crossed our paths about his ordeal that affected us in ways we still find hard to believe.

We find it hard to believe that this time was not any better or easier. The hurdles became higher, the decisions to make tougher, and the pressure to follow their rationale intensified with every Dr or RN following procedures and protocols. The assumption about Yuri is confounding as we discover the ward he was placed in was for hospice/palliative care. No wonder I kept asking why are they assuming Yuri will go to a nursing home with a feeding tube, oxygen tanks, and medications denoting that the end is near? Instead, he is home, walking the space, eating great food, and celebrating his birthday under a full moon and a rooftop of stars.

The show, Chef’s Table tells stories of people in the food business, their trials, and tribulations, how their love of food is their essence, their passion, their life. One story in particular hit home. The chef struggled and created a great business, highly rated and successful. Diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, he would have to have major surgery on his tongue, mandible, and neck. He would lose his sense of taste forever. How could he live if he could not taste the food he creates? The chef who coined the term “his ironic health scare” opts not to do surgery. His story is told and a research center contacts him offering experimental treatment. It works. He heals and eventually gets his sense of taste back. I love this story.

Consequently, Yuri’s ironic health scare is that he will not be able to perform at the level he has before all this came upon him. It’s scary, nevertheless, his life essence is music and he is determined to get his chops back. We are finding optimistic doctors who are willing to help us overcome the possibility of a new flare-up with maintenance treatments as well as integrative treatments to support the amazing vital organs that keep Yuri going like the Energizer bunny.

As for the government participation in this ironic health scare, we thought we were doing our civic duty by taking the vaccine without knowing the possible adverse effects, but at the time none was put out for public knowledge. I worked in the world of Mad Men advertising (real estate, financial, pharmaceutical, healthcare) and know about Public Relations copywriting especially the wording. When the CDC says that the vaccine for little children and babies “appears” to be working look it up in the dictionary – “seems; gives the impression of being.” Synonyms include “have the appearance/air of being,” “come across as being.” It’s not necessarily effective and still does not protect anyone from getting Covid. Most recently, the term used in the media is “the benefits outweigh the risks.” Buyer beware.

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