The Unexpected Present

Yuri Notes

Geranium Curtain

A Healing Room That Suits Us

I had to stop watching the news on television, online, and on Twitter for a little while. The tension leading up to the first attacks on Ukraine, the subsequent days of “shock and awe” distress is the same as what I went through a year ago, during Yuri’s first weeks of hospitalization.
The Ferryman

The Ferryman Cancels Yuri’s Reservation

Charon, at the River Styx, ferried my friend Roman Osadca to Elysium Fields. I thought I was going to precede him. The Ferryman told me my reservation was canceled. Roman and I grew up together, children of post-WWII Ukrainian immigrants.
Yuri First rehearsal

Ready For The Next Stage On Stage

We finally went through the Second Act with quite the cliffhanger of not knowing what will happen to how will it all end? We’re coming to the Third Act with Yuri back in the saddle again playing fiddle
Eye drops

Changing of the Guard in the End Zone

Two weeks ago we were at the TriState Eye care office in Milford for Yuri’s second post-op check-up with everything looking great. Then we get the news that the second eye surgery is bumped up a week from the Feb 8th to the 1st and the scramble begins
Yuri in the morning2

Freezin’ Temps, Freezin’ Our Patooties

Shawangunk Mountain range protects us from a direct hit by storms, yet we’re high enough for the additional sharply cold, bone-chilling indoors as well as the outdoor elements. Yuri is especially sensitive to the cold. So are his instruments.
NY Blood Ctr Lab2

Save a Life, Wear a Mask, Give Blood

Thinking back to the critical care moments, hours, days, weeks, how fortunate we are, having had the care Yuri so desperately needed during a short lull in the pandemic. A summer hiatus. Play the reruns before the new fall schedule comes out in TV guide. There’s a national shortage of blood donations. I’m scheduled to give blood this Saturday, January 15 at 10:15 a.m. St. Kateri Parish Blood Drive in Sparta, NJ. It’s the least I can do. The blood was there for Yuri’s transfusions.
CK+YT @Woodstock

Telling Our Story

We find a purpose in life, not just a lifestyle to live by, taking on life’s challenges with words, music, time stamps and postcards.

Air Guitar Wedding

Who, What, Why Is This Happening?