The Unexpected Present

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Born Under the Lucky Stars

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May 26th full Moon is the closest full moon of the year, making it the second of two super-moons. Gemini/Sagittarius. Now, Yuri’s upcoming birthday is June 16th, the time of the summer solstice, born under the sign of Gemini, (the best conversationalists), in the middle of the day, middle of the month, middle of the year, middle of the century. He’s everything except the middle of the road. Not even close to Middle Age of the Mind.

According to the renowned astrologer, Kelley Hunter, “Imagine the arrow of Sagittarius piercing the Sun, releasing a kaleidoscope of flowers and geometric shapes, dancing orbs and angelic frequencies. Sagittarius can be the most positive-minded sign, a fast-moving sign, targeting the stars. This Truth-seeking fire sign takes on the adventure and mythic quest of life, aiming for a high vision with as much elevated energy as it can muster.”

Gemini/Sagittarius. So, the Twins, a fun, mystical side, concurs with Sagittarius’ spontaneous and playful nature housing a brilliant mind that is constantly thinking. The Archer/Centaur welcomes adventures in a way to expend built-up energy. As noted previously, he’s like Seabiscuit, waiting for the gate and be let loose–usually, it happens during one of his vibrant and flamboyantly exciting fiddling solos. Incessantly and tirelessly curious in knowing and gaining knowledge, he likes being alone and often keeps a low profile, independence learned from early childhood, becoming a loner at heart.

However, that all changed during the Jazz and Blues Festival in Red Bank, NJ, a dozen years ago, where Yuri was performing with his quintet, Grupo Yuri. The final song was “Heart of a Woman– Part II,” and the Archer came out, pointing his bow at me, a symbol of directness, swiftness in thought and deed, and the piercing quality to his dedication caught me unawares, yet pierced my heart which, since then, will always be his.

To this day, Yuri has learned to be more spontaneous, optimistic, (there’s always a parking space) and a lover of freedom, remaining hilarious, fair-minded, honest, and intellectual. While he may once have been a restless wanderer, lyrics in his beautifully melodic tunes tell a story of finding that certain someone that can tame his gypsy soul, open their heart to him and keep the light on during times of darkness before the dawn.

Both Gemini and Sagittarius, governed by Jupiter, are fortunate signs. I believe Yuri was born under these lucky stars because after the last couple of days (weeks) of uncertainty and complications, he has come through what seemed impossible. Alert and stable, he made it very clear he wants out. With physical therapy and rehab, we have a plan and I’m just waiting for the doctors to decide today if he is ready for the move out of the ICU. The positive vibes and the power of prayer are working. With love.

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