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Healthy Wave PEMF Mat

What makes the Healthy Wave so special? The secret is in the details and craftsmanship of the mat. The mat that is reviewed (PEMF Amethyst Jade, Tourmaline, and Photon Far Infrared Mat (76″x32″) is made up of 25 lbs of crystal amethyst, it features 48 Jade Stones, 40 Tourmaline Stones and 24 Photon (Lower Lazer Therapy) Lights.

All of these features allow the Healthy Wave Mat to become a Full Spectrum 5 Therapy mat. What does THIS mean? More Therapies means more benefits for you and your body.

Whether you are dealing with ailments or want to give your health and wellness a little boost. The Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Mat should have something in store for you. 

 These therapies include, Far infrared Heat, Negative Ions, PEMF Therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), Photon (Lower Level Laser) and Crystal Therapies.


Pulsating Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF)

PEMF Therapy (or PEMF Technology) is used to recharge your body similar to how a charger would charge a battery. It does this by means of stimulating and rebalancing your cells.

The Healthy Wave’s Wave lengths run at 7.8 hertz which runs within our alpha brainwave frequency of 7-13 Hertz

PEMF therapy produces multiple bursts which take your cells through a magnetic polarity field cycle which effectively charges your cells while you are laying on the mat. When your cells are fully charged your alpha brain waves reduce depressive symptoms and greatly ENHANCE your creativity and energy.

The Strength of the Wavelengths in Healthy Wave’s PEMF is 3 Gauss . This setting allows you to get quick PEMF bursts in a shorter period of time as opposed to other competitors where you need longer sessions.

Healthy Wave also run at a very close proximity to the Earth’s magnetic field that is 7.8 Hz compared to 7.83 Hz which is the Schumann’s Resonance

These PEMF bursts from Healthy Wave allow your body to be synchronised closely to the earth’s magnetic field which is where our frequencies are supposed to be. There is an automatic PEMF setting on the Healthy Wave Controller that gives you PEMF for 20 minutes on and then 100 minutes off.

PEMF Therapy also has the ability to clear your body of bad EMF’s that are emitted from the technology that we are surrounded by. Some of the biggest transmitters of bad EMF’s include mobile phones, televisions, radio transmitters and radar detectors. A reality that many of us live with every single day

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