The Unexpected Present

Balancing Life’s Unremitting Checkbook

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On November 27th, Yuri and I celebrated thirteen years as a married couple. There was a full moon, aptly named the Frosty Moon, and the open fields were blanketed with a thin frost-designed lace-work similar to the snowflake designs we see on window panes. I looked into the meaning of Lace, the traditional Thirteenth Wedding anniversary gift, more deeply

Falling in Love with the Chesapeake Bay

Sugarloaf Mountain View

Twenty-five years ago, I fell in love with the Chesapeake Bay. My dream job brought me to Annapolis– on the circle where the Maryland state capitol has stood for hundreds of years, on the docks of Maritime history, in and around and into the heart of the largest estuary in North America.

Nov is National Family Caregivers Month

Corn harvest farm

November is National Family Caregivers Month. A salute to the countless family and friends who are primary caregivers. I watched two movies last week that highlight the role of the caregiver.

The Killing Fields on the Eastern Shore

Corn Harvest 2023

October 5, 2023. Shortness of breath since the morning. It’s a different atmosphere, a different world of medical care, when I took Yuri out of rural Eastern Shore and into Georgetown, Washington, DC.

Full Moon Rising Just Before Dawn

Yuri in Easton

The full moon rising just before dawn, a super moon, cast its blessings on us and dawned a new stage. We are not accepting “It is what it is.”

Yuri’s Great Escape from Rehab Hell

Cadia Pike Creek

Living independently as senior citizens, we have been posed with a hard fact and harsh reality over this last misadventure in American healthcare– It’s not a question of If. It’s a question of When. Something Happens.

Ugly Thunderstorm Cloud Ahead

IV stand graphic

We had a near miss these past ten days. Yuri got a hospital infection that led to pneumonia, and the Dragon reared its ugly head on the first day at rehab.

Relapse and Rehab Road to Rehoboth


When Monday came around after an excruciating weekend of grass pollen, Yuri woke up unable to breathe. Early and mid-mornings are known to be the worst times for pollen release, but when the EMTs arrived at 6:30 a.m., there was no question of his difficulty. In the ER,

Getting Back to the Garden

Mama's birthday

On a beautiful summer’s day twenty-five years ago, my mother left her beloved garden and euphemistically passed on, transitioning from her physical state into the ethereal. Flowers from her garden graced the connecting rooms with their fragrances, spreading a comfort blanket over what was happening imminently– her death. It was her birthday.

A Month Can Be a Long Time

full moon

A month can be a long time. What is a month– thirty days, four weeks in certain months, and five weeks in others March, May, August)? A short time that can change your life around.

The Canary in a Coal Mine

wildfire smoke

The Canadian wildfires are burning. More than 100 million people in the U.S. were affected by the air quality. How long has this been going on before the public is warned about it becoming a potentially deadly event?

The Healing Power of Music

BobFest Yuri on stage

Normally (sixteen years), Memorial Day Weekend, Yuri and I would recount how the latest BobFest show has gone. Pat Guadagno and Tired Horses’ BobFest was a reunion of some of the best working musicians to celebrate Bob Dylan’s birthday and music.