The Unexpected Present

The Permafrost Tapes

Permafrost Tapes

They might be called the Basement Tapes, Hurricane Irene Surviving Tapes, but we will decidedly forevermore, call them the Permafrost Tapes.

The Voice

silver dynamic microphone on black microphone stand

I always loved Yuri’s voice. Still do. The richness in timbre –its musically sounding character and clean quality or his range going from warm-toned tenor to unwavering falsetto– so distinctive in its pitch and intensity.

Song For My Father

We never know when something will happen that will become a life-changing event. But that’s what life is all about. Change. Constant change. And we don’t always know what we would do in any given situation.

A Bill Evans ’64 ’75 Moment

close up photo of geological formation

Now the balancing acts we’re into feel much different and inclusive. They continue daily in the physical therapy gym as well as the monitored medications on the tail end of the Monster.

Fantastic Voyager

I wonder if Yuri is taking this all in and analyzing it the way he would analyze every bit of music he listens to, every bit he plays whether as a soloist or with others

Dealing With Uncertainty

I read an article that “when the world feels scary or uncertain, a sense of purpose can ground us.” So, I’m writing. And praying. And buying cat food.