The Unexpected Present

Heart of Gold

Hector Flamingo

Yuri’s brain (as chairman of the board), encouraging the rest of his players to heal synergistically with Western medicine and non-traditional therapies.

A Bill Evans ’64 ’75 Moment

close up photo of geological formation

Now the balancing acts we’re into feel much different and inclusive. They continue daily in the physical therapy gym as well as the monitored medications on the tail end of the Monster.

Recovery Road

photo of leaves

Despite being taken “for a ride” from Westchester into New Jersey by two EMTs who have never ever been to New Jersey. They take Yuri to the wrong Kessler campus

Small Moments

green leafed plant beside clear glass mg

It’s hard to believe more than thirty days have gone by that Yuri and I are not together. While I come to see him now every day, the evening and nights seem to be the longest.

Surprising Good News

men on horses

Critical care management plan with Yuri waking from his Rip Van Winkle slumber. The team prepares me for the next step – getting Yuri off the ventilator.

One In A Million

king chess piece

The pieces are falling into place. This morning I got a call that all is well with Yuri and the doctor told me that she sees him being very strong – his lungs are healing and working.