The Unexpected Present

Save a Life, Wear a Mask, Give Blood

NY Blood Ctr Lab2

Thinking back to the critical care moments, hours, days, weeks, how fortunate we are, having had the care Yuri so desperately needed during a short lull in the pandemic. A summer hiatus. Play the reruns before the new fall schedule comes out in TV guide. There’s a national shortage of blood donations. I’m scheduled to give blood this Saturday, January 15 at 10:15 a.m. St. Kateri Parish Blood Drive in Sparta, NJ. It’s the least I can do. The blood was there for Yuri’s transfusions.

Listen, And You Will Hear in the New Year

Ice Cream Soda

Last light of the day, last day of the workweek, last day of the year. Adios, 2021. It’s been real. Real-life that is, a close call in so many ways. I stopped counting the ways until something else comes up and I remember where we were and where we are now.

Miracle on 91st St+Central Park West

St Nick

I believe in miracles. And miracle workers. Dr. Woo is giving Yuri his voice back. St. Nicholas, parish namesake, patron saint to seafarers and voyagers.

Giving Thanks, Thanks forGiving

Nellie on Sweater

I am thankful. So very thankful. We hung on, staying positive, keeping the faith, and taking those baby steps. Today, I read the blog posts from the beginning of our journey, we remain the Voyagers staying the course.

First Night Out Seeing Steely Dan

Yuri at MPAC

First major outing for our November celebrations – one of Steely Dan’s four-day performances, the entire album Royal Scam and then some choice Steely Dan favorite hits at MPAC in Morristown.

Unwired at Woodstock

CK+YT @Woodstock

Being wired. Getting wired. The fight or flight response is wired into our basic survival instincts when threatened. Yuri survived a life or death scenario which we still find hard to believe at times.

Invite to an Italian Wedding

Our friends sent an invite to their wedding in Italy, hoping Yuri would be able to play his violin. I didn’t work out that way.