Having a Meaningful Day

Meaningful Day

Scrolling through Facebook posts of parades and BBQs, Yuri and I are once again feeling abandoned by the hospital system because of a traditional holiday weekend.

How Long Does the Body Remain a Being?

young frankenstein

Day 19 in the ICU. Yuri is extubated, I’m met by the Pulmonary doctor who stops me before going into Yuri’s room. A wide grin spreads across his face, “Did you see him yet? He’s smiling…

Being in an Altered State of Being

Turtle Day

Doctors commenting that Yuri’s progress is going in the right direction are not the ones overseeing his daily altered state of being. Constant monitoring and tweaking of medications illustrate the good days and not-so-good days.

Getting Out of My Own Way


It’s been a tough week. I get emails and texts, and people ask, “How’s Yuri?” And I usually cannot give a succinct and reassuring answer without the standard, “He’s fine, getting better.” The matter is, I don’t know if he is fine or not

Silver Lining at Rainbow’s End


There’s a silver lining in the dark clouds. There’s a rainbow at some point. Yuri is coming through this latest attack of a Monster that caught us off guard but is now under control.

Who’s On First? What’s On Second?

Abbot and Costello

On the seventh day in the hospital, Yuri was breathing hard and moved to the ICU where we were told he has to be intubated. I already knew the answer, Yuri said flat out, No. It would mean the end of the line

Flaws In Modern Medicine

st george

May is a beautiful month. Yuri wanted to be in the moment with Springtime. He worked so hard to come back playing his violin, in public, on stage. But the Monster returned and he’s back in ICU

Another Unexpected Mystery Malady

House team

I feel I am in the TV series House, where there is a new medical mystery, unforeseen and potentially life-threatening circumstances, addressing Yuri’s malady like a Sherlock Holmes team of forensic specialists. Inflammation.

A True Spring Moment, Rebirth and Renewal

Pysanky Trio

A year ago, it’s unimaginable that Yuri was almost killed by a spike protein. No one asked about underlying health issues like having only one kidney or gave us any indication that such a severe reaction to the Pfizer mRNA vaccine is possible.

A Jazz For Ukraine Concert

La Cucina Jazz

We drove in the continuous torrential downpour to the Deer Head Inn for a fundraiser, Jazz Concert for Ukraine raising funds supporting humanitarian relief for the people of Ukraine.

The March Hare Calls Us Out

march hare puzzle

It’s the end of a month of mayhem and madness in the world. Wherever the drive takes us these days, the spring tree buds spread over the landscape, casting a wine-colored claret hue with a promise of flowering and rebirth. Instead, a world away, the skies in Ukraine are raining bombs from the Russian invasion…

A Song For Oksana (Without A Guitar)

Pink Clematis

Replete with tunes of green, the color of spring fever, a feeling of restlessness and excitement, there’s a new beginning, a promise of a season of rebirth. This week another one of our friends transitioned to the other side after what seemed to have been a road to recovery